Strengthen the sustainability of your company with a Carbon Balance.

Full greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory (scopes 1, 2 and 3)

Dynamic analytical reporting

GHG trajectory and progress margin

GCI platform

They carry out their GHG inventory with Global Climate Initiatives

Companies facing climate change:

From willingness to act to taking action!

Calculate your carbon footprint independently

Global Climate Initiatives is in the spirit of knowledge sharing, with the aim of desacralizing the GHG assessment to ensure its full appropriation.

Reduce carbon impact for a more sustainable business

Get dynamic advice and reporting adapted to your business sector, allowing you to set up and follow a solid action plan.

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Manage your greenhouse gas emissions

The GCI collaborative platform allows users from the same organization to dynamically manage one or more items in your carbon footprint.



Global Climate Initiatives is an umbrella structure whose role is to provide a new driver to deliver improved performance to those involved in the energy transition.

We calculate your organisation’s environmental impact on the climate, we provide you with best practice to address the challenge of current climate issues

The community of Experts and Approved Ambassadors will support you in the implementation of your action plan and carbon contribution project.

Many tools and services guarantee maximum efficiency:

Measuring the Carbon Footprint

Adaptation and specification to different sectors and activities (industry, agriculture, tertiary, communities, trade, transport, real estate, hotels, events, sports, etc.).

Taking into account and consolidating all subsidiaries, from the smallest to the largest, by geographical area, business line, products, etc.

Integration of all recognized emission factor bases (Base Carbone®, EcoInvent, Inies, UK BEIS (Defra) …)

Calculation of composite emission factors (Base Impacts®)

GCI platform
GCI platform

Commitment of providers and suppliers

Integration of the emission factors of the work units of service providers and suppliers, enabling them to commit to a dynamic of reducing Scope 3 emissions.

The emission factor can come from a declaration calculated directly on the GCI site by a supplier or service provider of the company, thanks to a guided module for calculating emission factors by work unit. The communication of this emission factor from the supplier to its customer is also possible via the platform.

A real tool for “carbon” analysis of offers, and for collaborative management of suppliers’ environmental performance over time. With GCI, the concept of Sustainable Purchasing becomes real and concrete!

Data analysis and action plan

Dynamic analytical reporting to identify priority areas for emissions reduction.

Proposal, implementation and monitoring of action plans.

Dynamic analysis of the carbon trajectory and the margins for progress.

GCI platform
GCI platform

Support by GCI Experts

Online training of 4H to master more quickly the proposed tools.

Personalized accompaniment by an expert specialized in the chosen sector of activity and geography.

We all have the same struggle,
but will you be able to make the right choice?


choose Global Climate Initiatives?

The originality and strength of our proposal, patiently built over the past ten years, rests on two essential characteristics:

De-securitization: :

thanks to the ergonomics and pedagogy of the GCI platform, everyone, from VSEs, SMEs and ETIs to large groups and local authorities, can independently carry out their own complete GHG assessment (scopes 1, 2 and 3) in compliance with the regulatory method (France), GHG Protocol, ISO 14 064-1, Bilan Carbone® method


the proposed prices (550/950 € for VSEs/SMEs, 1350/2050 € for ETI-Groups) guarantee a high ROI

The company can thus trigger a rapid spread of this good practice to its entire ecosystem: central organization, territorial entities, economic entities, and suppliers who represent 50 to 80% of its emissions.

Informed of the ease and profitability of carrying out their own GHG inventory, they will easily accept to be associated/involved in the success of the committed Low Carbon trajectory which cannot be achieved without them.

GCI Platform

Global Climate Initiatives

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